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Cheap Fix to Avoid Drainage Issues!

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Cheap Fix to Avoid Drainage Issues!

On May 26, 2014, Posted by , In Inspectors Corner, With No Comments

Spring triggers the old spring cleaning mode and as such, it’s common then to suddenly find leaky basements or pools of water around the property, so here’s a quick tidbit to avoid drainage issues. 

Avoid Leaky Basements

One of the top common spring concerns I come across when doing a home inspection, are drainage issues.  When eaves troughs/gutters aren’t properly sloped and maintained they can cause deterioration and foundation issues (leaky basement.) When you create seasonal property checks you can catch the majority of your troubles in the early cheap fix stage.  A simple check of gutters & eaves troughs in fall and spring will help you avoid damage to your home.

Avoid Drainage Issues

These two photographs demonstrate what happens when maintenance checks and improper set up occur.

The first photo is an example of ice buildup due to clogged gutters. As ice melts & freezes, the brickwork deteriorates on the exterior walls. In the second photo, the gutters have been properly maintained but the eaves trough spout ends too close to the home. To avoid leaky basements from foundation breakdown, it is recommended that your eaves troughs be extended minimum of 4 – 6 ft from any building.

Practice Makes Habit!

I learned over the years how beneficial it is to have seasonal property checks. It’s saved my family a fortune – and a lot of headaches. By creating my own little ritual, I’ve avoided some major disasters and have been able to get the most equity out of our home when we have sold.

Not Sure What to Do?

When it comes to property maintenance, for most it’s a learning experience from issues that occur over the years, if you’re not sure what to look for then give me a call!  I have clients that call and book a home inspection for just that reason. I will inspect all major areas & systems while educating owners so they can do it themselves, as well as giving recommendations on other businesses that can assist them should they require assistance with their repairs.

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