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2 Stages of a Home Inspection

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2 Stages of a Home Inspection

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Frequently, clients call me to inquire about my services. Many will ask what’s involved in a home inspection and I’ll give them a quick summary before we book the inspection. With the frequency of this question I realized why not provide a general breakdown on how this process works.  

2 Stages of a Home Inspection:

Part 1 – the inspection of the outside of the home including the condition of the property and any attached or detached garages.

Part 2 – the inspection of the inside of a home.

For today we will focus on the first half of your property inspection with what I look for during Part 1 of the inspection as I take you on a mental walk through of the process with Final Step Home Inspections. 

 Part 1:  And So It Begins

Once you and I have set up an appointment date & time for your property inspection, the process begins.

Normally, I try to arrive on site about 20 minutes early. This allows time before the client arrives to take a quick walk around to evaluate the overall lot. I look at the homes outward condition in relation to surrounding homes and properties, as well as any drainage concerns. If the existing home owners are available I inquire about any recent improvements or special operating systems that my clients should be made aware of during this time.

When you arrive I introduce myself. The average length of a property inspection is usually 2 ½ to 3 hrs for a 2000 sq. ft. home.  I do find that country properties take longer as I like to educate my client’s in regards to the different operating systems that are part of these houses i.e. septic systems, wells, cisterns…

Preliminaries are Over – What Next?

This is when I go into investigator inspector mode.  I closely inspect the exterior of the home, any detached/attached garages and outdoor systems. To make things easier I’ll outline the major components that are present – otherwise this can easily turn into a 20 page article.

  1. Roofing types and conditions of roof coverings, visible roof line structural settlement, roof drainage systems/flashings, if chimneys are present is there signs of deterioration

  2. Home/Garage Exterior –  condition of cladding/siding, windows, doors and flashing systems

  3. Heating & A/C   (Hvac) condition of exterior A/C compressor

  4. Electrical test any visible outlets/GFCI’s, switches, garage door openers and any safety features that are part of these systems

  5. Plumbing –  exterior components, condition, proper drainage, leaks, missing parts

  6. Structure – decks, railings, steps and landings, condition and settlement to the home and garage including foundations and grading as well as walkways around and leading to the street.

  7. Drainage drain spouts, walkways, grading around foundation

During the outside walk around I’m not only looking at the obvious areas and verbalizing them to you, but also observing the little triggers that when unaddressed can lead to costly issues. I take photos throughout the entire inspection (Part 1 & Part 2) for my use and will be in the thorough report you receive later. I will also share a verbal report on site with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Best Rely on a Professional!

This may sound pretty straight forward, but a Certified Home Inspector comes with a trained level of experience and qualifications. Through our experience we foresee more into the property and understand the issue and its degree while providing you with solutions.  It’s not to say you won’t notice issues but we are trained to observe more. What might appear to an untrained eye as a deal breaker, to us with our knowledge and expertise we can express the degree and offer you real life solutions to ease your concern – plus, the thorough report that you will receive from Final Step Home Inspections can come in handy if you are looking to renegotiate the purchase price!

Remember, We Work For You!

I’m here for you, plain and simple. I work for no one else – your best interest is my top priority. Contact us today and book your next inspection!

Check out Part 2 of this article outlining the interior home inspection!

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  1. This was really nicely summed up. Home buyers and clients in general often don’t even know that there can be more issues than they think there are.

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