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Skip the Home Inspection

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Skipped House Inspecting

So You Skipped the Home Inspection

You found the home of your dreams but now you find out multiple offers are coming in. What do you do? That’s right, you find yourself crossing off a couple extra conditions of sale – like the condition of a Home Inspection. It’s one of the first conditions many buyers view as a disposable option when enthralled in the pressure of the buying process. What many don’t realize is that even if they skip the home inspection, they can schedule one for after they bought the home.

New Toy Syndrome

Many buyers will walk through a home and be wowed by how clean and beautiful it is. They may observe obvious areas of concern, but may feel everything will be manageable – especially if the property is in a nice area or is a relatively new home. My daughter (she gave me permission to tell you all) is a prime example for this. Yes, that’s right – my own daughter skipped the home inspection! Tsk, tsk.

My daughter and her husband were struggling to get a house. They were putting offers in but someone else would get it. Finally, her realtor told them of a house that was just being put into the system so they jumped to be the first to get into the place. 

What You See is What You Get  

The home had almost everything on their checklist – a nice home with a driveway in a good area and close to everything they wanted yet on a side street so it wasn’t too busy. The only adjustment was a hot tub instead of a garage, but my son-n-law graciously said he would be willing to make that sacrifice.  

Pressure of the Hunt

The kids went with their Realtor and walked through the property. It was primed for showings. They felt confident in what they were looking for and they fell in love with the house. It looked better than most houses they put offers on in the past, but there was a scheduled ‘open house’ on the weekend. Since they didn’t want to lose yet another catch so the kids drew up an offer that would be presented in a couple hours. Unfortunately, just before the offer was presented  a couple more offers came in. So last minute they made some adjustments, including a skipped home inspection, and bought a house.

Why Have an After Sale Home Inspection?

Once my daughter moved in I inspected the house. They had been shocked with some of my findings. Even though it was too late to negotiate to compensate for the concerns that came across, they were able to understand their home and know what areas needed prompt attention, observation, and gradual maintenance.  

In my daughters’ case, the worse issue was a bad case of black mold as a result of a covered up leaky basement. An inspector doesn’t always have easy access to see a cracked foundation or observe a current leaky basement but in my daughters case there were signs of such an issue. She had to wait until the following spring to confirm my suspicions and by then she had uncovered quite a large expensive issue.

Early Detection is Key

Just like when you go to the Doctors or have a mechanic look over your vehicle.  A home inspection is a health check for your home.  It’s all about having a trained professional aid you in guidance and preventative maintenance.

Do Not Fear, We are Here!

We understand the pressures of house hunting, bidding wars, and the continual flip flop of the real estate market – we’re people too! That’s why we have your back before and after you purchase your new home.

Instead of waiting for the chips to fall and put a damper on your new home happiness – Final Step Home Inspections is here to help. So even if you initially skipped the home inspection in order to purchase it, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a certified home inspector come in after you get the keys! We will come and provide you with our thorough inspection services, answer questions, and provide education for future maintenance.

The Bottom Line

You won the home of your dreams now let a Final Step Home Inspections professional home inspector come and give you a thorough report and checklist outlining areas of concern.

When in doubt, call us out!

 Final Step Home Inspections also provides inspections and education on particular operating systems (ie. HVAC, Exedra, etc.) WETT inspections, and Thermal Imaging Inspections.

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