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The 2nd Stage of a Home Inspection.

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Home Inspection – Recapping Part 1 In our previous article 2 Stages of a Home Inspection, we discuss Part 1 of a residential home inspection. The article examines various aspects of an inspection while providing an informative overview of what Final Step Home Inspections provides clients during the outdoor stage of…

2 Stages of a Home Inspection

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Frequently, clients call me to inquire about my services. Many will ask what’s involved in a home inspection and I’ll give them a quick summary before we book the inspection. With the frequency of this question I realized why not provide a general breakdown on how this process works.  …

Cheap Fix to Avoid Drainage Issues!

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Spring triggers the old spring cleaning mode and as such, it’s common then to suddenly find leaky basements or pools of water around the property, so here’s a quick tidbit to avoid drainage issues.  Avoid Leaky Basements One of the top common spring concerns I come across when doing a home inspection,…