Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Information

Ever feel cold drafts or wonder why certain areas of your home have noticeable temperature differences? Is your home experiencing active water leakage or are you noticing a musty smell in the basement that you can’t seem to find the source of?

 Look no further – our Thermal Imaging Inspections are the answer!

What’s Thermal Imaging and how can you use it for an inspection?

Final Step Home Inspections provides clients with certified thermal imaging inspections (also known as infrared inspections). Our specialized thermal camera allows us to have a visual display of the temperature & potential moisture areas that may be present.  It also allows the inspector to detect missing or settled insulation within the walls along with possible structural concerns in and around your home.

A thermal camera looks similar to a compact radar gun with a digital screen which allows us to view everything in real time. The camera permits the inspector to view areas by tracking the various heat signatures in real time. As our trained inspectors translate the images being viewed on the display screen they are then able to photograph the areas of concern with the thermal camera – much like a regular digital camera. Overall, it’s simply amazing technology!

At Final Step Home Inspections your comfort and safety matter to us!

Whether you are choosing our in-depth infrared thermal imaging inspection on its own or in addition to your scheduled home inspection, Final Step Home Inspections can detect, prevent and/or isolate issues to keep your dwelling safe & energy efficient. By utilizing this service we’re able to assist you in saving precious time & money!

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1FS thermalTo ensure you receive the most value for your booked home inspection we make the process easier and our various services more attainable in order for you to have a complete thorough inspection report. Final Step Home Inspections go a step above competitors by giving you discounted rates when you select to bundle a thermal imaging inspection to your Home Inspection or WETT Inspection. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for choosing us!

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