WETT Inspections

WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) trained professionals abide by a strict code of ethics. They uphold professional conduct in the delivery of services to the public.

Most people know what a chimney is. However, they have never heard of a WETT inspection. When owning or buying a home with a fireplace or other wood-burning device, a Wett inspection may be a requirement to obtain insurance. When required it must be completed by a Certified Wett Inspector.

Burning wood results in a residue that is called creosote (a tar-like substance) which builds up on the inside of the firebox and chimney. This build-up of creosote causes an inflow of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). The buildup increases your chances of having a chimney fire. Creosotes will catch fire. The creosote buildup increases a lot when you burn wet or rotting wood. Wet woods have higher moisture levels – higher moisture levels add to creosote accumulation. So it is recommended to burn properly dry (seasoned) hardwood. Seasoned wood burns hotter. Burning a hotter producing wood reduces the build-up of creosote. Therefore there is less creosote and less chance of a chimney fire.

Do You Really Need a WETT Inspection?

When you have a home with wood burning appliances it is necessary to maintain them for your own safety. Preventative measures are first and foremost also vital to the well-being of you and your family. Having the wood burning technologies in your home inspected by a certified WETT Inspector assist you in protecting yourself and those in your care.

WETT inspections are becoming a requirement amongst Canadian home insurance companies.  A certified WETT inspection may be a part of their conditions to ensure the property.

What to Expect for Your WETT Inspection

Our WETT Inspector provides a Level 1 code inspection for Brantford, Hamilton, and surrounding areas. Our inspections cover all wood burning appliances such as wood stoves and fireplaces. This form of inspection visually examines the condition, installation, alteration, and maintenance of the solid fuel burning appliance.

Your Safety is our Top Priority!

Our WETT inspection verifies clearance areas from flammable items in and around a wood-burning appliance. Further, the inspection will thoroughly examine the firebox and their chimneys for stability.  The appliances must be visually free of any combustible substance that could prevent proper ventilation. We strive to help you preserve your health and safety.

When the Inspection is complete you will be provided on site with a detailed report of their findings. The report will include comments and recommendations regarding areas of concern found. You can share (if required) these concerns with your insurance company.

Living in your home, buying a building or selling a property have peace of mind knowing your safe.

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Final Step Home Inspections is a provider of a certified WETT inspection. Customers can purchase this inspection on its own or bundle it. A  popular choice is to bundle this inspection with our thermal imaging inspection to save money.